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Gary Aitken

¡Hola! I'm Gary Aitken, a Spanish prof who retired from Trent University. My

hope is that you will enjoy Más arriba.  Please let me know your thoughts at:

Más arriba is an interactive workbook of introductory Spanish language exercises, based on the pictorial contextualization of fundamental vocabulary and language points. The exercise material includes images, sound, feedback and vocabulary help. Click here to begin:


For the LECCIONES sequence, follow the green arrow at the bottom right of each exercise page.

Copyright:©️2023 by Gary Aitken

All rights reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

Only $4.99 total for a Full Year!



Interactive practice of fundamental Spanish for reinforcement and retention

Valid for 12 months

Introductory basic Spanish language exercises

Reinforcement of vocabulary and language points

Exercise material of contextualized images and audio

Immediate correction feedback and vocabulary help

Chat feature to connect with Professor Gary Aitken


I wish to acknowledge the essential contribution of the following readers whose natural voices breathe so much life and authenticity into the contextual material:

Teresa Vázquez

Madrid, España


Enriqueta (Ketty) Zafra

Córdoba, España


Pilar Solares Velasco

Ciudad de México, México


Jaime R. Brenes Reyes

Managua, Nicaragua


Katarina Alvarado Karlsson

Iscazú, Costa Rica


Daniella Jofre

Santiago, Chile

Melisa Bretón

Santo Domingo, la República Dominicana


María Eugenia Vásconez

Quito, Ecuador


Rafael José Herrera Morales

Caracas, Venezuela


Ronaldo Vaca-Pereira Rocha

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia


Alejandra Perdomo

La Paloma, Uruguay


Fulanito Mengano

Orangeville, Canadá

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